TV Mania Galas, organized for 10 years by Publicis Events


Publicis Events and TVmania are partners for 10 years in organizing the TVmania Galas, with this year’s event being the 10th consecutive one organized by the agency.

Gala’s concept – ” The end of the world is a star of a world” – was made by Radu Baitan, Account Director Publicis Events and General Producer of the event, together with Dan Teodorescu, that signed the script for the entire Gala.

Integrally produced by Publicis Events, directed by Gelu Colceag and hosted by Romanian actor Marius Florea Vizante, the event gathered together, like every year, stars, Romanian TV personalities and their fans.

TVMania Gala isn’t a project anymore, but a part of us. Each year, at the end of the Gala, we start immediately working on next year’s concept. It is a great joy to see the team keeps its enthusiasm and that we continue to have close to us big names such as Gelu Colceag, Dan Teodorescu and Marius Florea Vizante. TVmania honors us with this partnership and we wish with all our hearts to be together 10 years from now

Radu Baitan

Account Director Publicis Events

Another traditional partner of TVmania is Animotion Production, the studio that insures, even from the 1st edition, the video content of the event.