North Face campaign, from Factory Design Labs and a Leviathan twist

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Leviathan worked with Farm League’s team and director Tim Wheeler to make a campaign for The North Face, the world’s premier supplier of authentic, innovative and technically advanced outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear. 

The integrated, cross-promotional campaign was launched on November 20th together with Dick’s Sporting Goods (DSG) and includes a 30 seconds ad, directed by Wheeler and that includes design and visual effects from Leviathan. The start of the campaign is The North Face athlete Callum Pettit.

Spot’s winter effects, artful transitions from inside the store to the outdoor settings and back again, as well as all the original graphics, were conceived by Leviathan based discussions with FDL and Wheeler. Leviathan also handled all the editing and compositing in-house, as well as creating the custom end tags for The North Face now appearing in many other campaign elements.   

north face ad 1


Full credits:

Agency: Factory Design Labs

Director of Broadcast Production: Melany Fehrenbach

Executive Creative Director: Andrew Price

Creative Director: Josh Willis

ACD/Copywriter: Jeff Jenks

Sr. Art Director: Greg Ryan

Production Company: Farm League

Director: Tim Wheeler

Director of Photography: Michael Ozier

Executive Producer: Tim Lynch

Line Producer: Leigh Goldstone

Editorial, Visual Effects, Design, Animation: Leviathan

Creative Director: Bradon Webb

Visual Effects Director: Matt Daly

Art Director: David Brodeur

Designer: Gareth Fewel

Lead Compositor: Chris Beers

Additional Compositing: Patrick Schultz

3D: Katrina Nelken, Haixu Zhao

Effects Artist: Tim Sepulveda

Editor: Andrew Maggio

Assistant Editor: Mike LaHood

Producer: Lauren Shawe

Executive Creative Director: Jason White

Chief Scientist: Matt Daly

Executive Producer: Chad Hutson

Music / Sound Design:

Waveplant – Composer: Joel Corelitz


Hootenanny – Smoke Artist: Jim Annerino


Nolo Digital Film – Grading Artist: Mike Matusek

Music & Sound Design Company: Waveplant

Composer/Sound Designer: Joel Corelitz

Final Mix Company: Another Country

Principal On-Screen Talent: Callum Pettit