Pro TV, Kanal D and Prima TV join UAPR to convince Romanian Government to reevaluate its Emergency Ordinance

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Pro TV, Kanal D and Prima Tv – 3 Romanian TV stations – joined Romanian Advertising Agencies Association (UAPR) in its demand to Romanian Government to reevaluate the Emergency Ordinance project for modification of Romanian Audiovisual Law, demanding a decision on the project following a public discussion in which to be actively be involved all industry’s players.

According to Zoe Vasilescu, Sales Director Pro TV, the TV channel she represents expressed its accord for the normative act to be discussed with all actors in the industry.

Romanian Government adopted the modification without previous talks to any of the involved parties. Related to that, UAPR expressed its openess and desire to participate actively in the public debate process related to the proposals to improve audiovisual legislation.

Coming up with a normative act without consulting all involved actors on the market puts under a question mark the correctness of the regulations on this market. We will continue to demand Romanian Government to consult all involved parties, with an open, transparent and constructive dialogue

Radu Florescu,

President UAPR

UAPR officials consider that the regulation proposed via EO affects seriously the competition laws, the principles of market economy and law state. More on the matter can be found here, here and here.