The Public Advisors handled the online launch for Dent Estet 4 Teens


Romanian PR agency The Public Advisors managed the online launch for the 1st dental clinic in Europe targeting exclusively the teenagers, Dent Estet 4 Teens. The project took place in the end of 2012 and focused on Facebook, the most important social network for the target public.

The launch mechanism consisted in a 6 weeks contest that aimed to select 2 young people as image for the clinic. In less than 2 weeks, the page attracted over 2,000 fans and an increase of 1,800% in reach. In total, 120 participants entered the contest.

The online launch for Dent Estet 4 Teens was a challenge for us, teenagers being a target impossible to fit in patterns and very poorly covered by classic media such as print, radio or TV. That is why we decided to focus on online, the medium that suits them the best and that is as energetic and active as they are. Choosing the platform was normal, as Facebook is the main entertainment, informational and socialization sourvce for them

Raluca Mihalachioiu,

General Manager The Public Advisors.

The Public Advisors team managing online communication for Dent Estet 4 Teens included Lidia Pitulea, Group Account Manager and Simona Andreea Jecu, Public Advisor.