Men can get a special configurator to plan their nights in Canada

Creativity, Digital & Media

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is making it easier for young men to get back into the party spirit during the post-holiday season with an ornately designed web tool that resembles a handcrafted prop from an H.G. Wells-inspired movie.

The Gentlemen’s League Configurator is an experiential website that helps men plan parties in a simple yet gentlemanly fashion. Developed by ad agency Cossette, the Configurator allows users to choose from a variety of premium mixed drink and customized dining options suitable for all fun and good-naturedly social occasions. They can then email their party ideas to friends.

We wanted make it easy for young male drinkers to come up with a reason to invite their friends over (…) January is a month when people generally stay in, so we wanted to create a fun and functional way of coming up with premium drinks and food pairing ideas that require minimal effort.

Chad Borlase,

Creative Director Cossette.

Designed and illustrated digitally in a turn-of-the-century steampunk style, the Configurator features cleverly worded drink recipes, dining suggestions and invitations delivered in an ornate lettering and scripted reminiscent of the turn of the century.


After the Configurator gets fired up, the gauges start moving, dials get popping and steam comes flowing out of the sides (…) It is very user-friendly. You just hit the buttons that allow you to choose from a variety of drink and dining options, and then with one click, send a party invitation to friends.


The Configurator is being promoted with online display advertising and social media outreach throughout January, leading up to the NFL Super Bowl, February 3.

Client: LCBO – Liquor Control Board of Ontario 

LCBO Marketing Director: Kerri Dawson

LCBO Marketing Manager:  Krista Moriarity

LCBO Senior Planner: Taleen Yazejian

Creative Agency: Cossette, Toronto

Chief Creative Officer: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga

Creative Director: Chad Borlase

Art Director: Kenneth Fothergill

Copywriter: Peter Gardiner

VP Digital: Tim Dolan

Brand Director, Digital: Chris Dyck

Director, Digital Production: Pralad Rao

Senior Project Manager: Amber Adam

Senior Interactive Architect: Scott Garson

Web Developer: Dylan Scott

Web Developer: Christina Habberjam

Designer: Eleni Alpous

Interactive Designer: Erin McGuire

Interactive Designer: Pavel Gorin

QA Analyst: Kate Roberts

Senior Web Developer: Jaswinder Rattanpal