GolinHarris to handle KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery, Paul, Cinnabon and Hard Rock Café communication in Romania

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GolinHarris Romania will handle communication, starting this year, for 6 well known brands, namely KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery, Paul, Cinnabon and Hard Rock Café. The 6 brands decided that the “menu” they offered by GolinHarris is the best for their communication.

We chose GolinHarris to be our PR partner because it convinced us, besides anything, with its solid expertise and its creative vision. It is the agency that understood the diversified needs of the 6 brands and that, certainly, can bring a new and innovative perspective in their communication

Monica Eftimie,

Marketing Director KFC Romania.

GolinHarris will be the strategic consultant both for external and internal communication for the 6 mentioned brands.

The management of media relations, events organizing, managing crisis communication are just a few of the services the agency will offer to its new clients. Also, as part of the partnership, GolinHarris’ Bridge specialists will develop social media strategy for each brand, that will include communication management on all important online channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, forums and news portals.

Enthusiasm and creativity are essential in communication, mainly if we speak about this kind of brands: full of energy, popular, with demanding consumer groups, that expects to be surprised all the time with a new experience. GolinHarris team understood our business and won us with ideas and attitude

Monica Douglas,

Marketing Director Pizza Hut.

We are proud to work for 6 iconic brands, that have an enormous impact over the consumers for tens of years. We are anxious to start working together and to start our first communication campaigns this year

Monica Botez,

Partener & Head of Corporate Division GolinHarris.