Andreea Strachina, Kaleidoscope Proximity: Digital loves clients (I)

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Hello, stranger. If you’re in the search of a smart and revolutionary article about how to apply digital strategies on certain matters, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place. I have no desire nor am I The Expert to illuminate you and therefore, I can’t promise you anything. But I can promise you, client or agency employee, dads or moms out there, that this will be a heart written piece of journey throughout the digital storyscape. Simple, yet mature, wishful, yet resigned.

Digital agencies are fearless. The great ones. When ideas and technologies get combined in order to deliver a great problem solution, the atmosphere in the agency gets very similar to the summer storm. A mindful chaos that unites the great minds and makes the little ones tickle. This beautiful storm is the result of the “one step forward, one step backwards” work methodology.

You see, digital doesn’t equal social or trending, but an amazing world of functionalities, program languages that written in the right way can deliver us tools from complex to basic such as Like, Share, Comment or even Pin that we afterwards take for granted and present them as “interactivity aspects of our ideas” to the clients.


And this goes both ways: by taking that one single interactive tool and re-inventing its purpose, its final result, by trying to figure out in your mind (or in a brainstorming with smart tech people) how you can combine, which elements of it you can take and reassemble them in order to give birth to something never seen before. Yours.

With digital agencies, we care about “our”. We may not have patent acts for our ideas, but we’re creators of small and unique pieces of work sucked in afterwards by the digital storyscape, in his roller-coaster.

But viewing all these aspects of digital such as you would be looking through a kaleidoscope it’s a matter of pure passion for novelty and wondering about this playground the digital environment offers.

I have the trust, as a digital agency employee, that we’re in an evolving process kicking like a newborn who wants to get out and say “Good Morning, World!”.

It wouldn’t ruin us to believe more in each other’s forces because, at the end of the day, we’re all humans wanting to do BETTER.

(To be continued)

Andreea Strachina, the author of this column, is copywriter at Romanian Kaleidoscope Proximity. Previous to starting her career in advertising, she worked in media.