Romanian specialists in informational architecture, reunite in Bucharest for WIAD 2013

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Grapefruit organizes, in Bucharest, on February 9th, the second edition of World Information Architecture Day (WIAD). WIAD is the only event dedicated to information architecture in Romania and reunites experts in the field and membes in digital departments of top companies, designers, AI and digital marketing specialists. WIAD is initiated by Information Architecture Institute (IAI) from United States and takes place, simultaneously, in 14 countries.

This year’s edition will focus on differences between design and information architecture, with presentation to also include subjects related to content management, user experience and  usability, continuing the discussions initiated during the 1st edition of the conference.

Even since its founding, Grapefruit was the promoter of some disciplines that were just getting a shape in Romania, and this is the case of information architecture. Right now, there isn’t a consequent approach from designers or a real awareness of this domain among projects’ beneficiaries. WIAD aims to promote this discipline and reunite practitioners in the field, facilitating sharing challenges and experiences

Marius Ursache,

Product Manager Grapefruit & member in Romanian Institute for Information Architecture board

The speakers at this year’s Romanian edition of WIAD include Yiannis Kapsoulakis – Market Development Senior Manager  Cosmote, Alexandru Cahnita and Alecsandru Grigoriu – UX Designers Grapefruit, Marius Ursache – Product Manager Grapefruit, Alexandru Zodieru – Cult Market Research and  Cornel Baloleanu –  PayU Romania.