Synevo and Rusu+Bortun, campaign to promote medical tests

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Rusu+Bortun made a campaign promoting periodical medical test for Synevo, continuing this way the collaboration started in 2009 with Medicover Group, adding in its portfolio Synevo account.

Following winning a pitch organized in January, Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers made and implemented the 1st campaign awareness campaign for Synevo, called “Fă-ți analizele medicale periodic”.

This campaign is the first from Synevo where we communicate to the people about the importance of periodic medical check-ups. Until now, all the information was passed through the pacients from doctors.

The campaign which will last for the entire year of 2013, debuts with 8 executions posted on billboards around 7 subway stations in Bucharest, between February – March 2013 and it will be handled in social media by Synevo with the help of Rusu+Borţun Cyber Growers.

It’s a campaign dedicated to all the women in our lives, aparently so fragile and delicate, but also so strong and dedicated when a family member is ill. Through this campaign, Synevo will be actively involved in keeping a good health state around a family, helping women understand that it’s easier to prevent than to sustain the burden of someone dear getting ill.

Virgil Ivan, General Manager Synevo România

We are glad that we can work for companies with a strong entrepreneurship spirit, that aim high for results and have a social mission to accomplish. We were impressed by the level of professionalism and passion of Synevo, and we understand why they are the leaders of medical tests market in this region. A simple visit to Synevo’s central laboratory can change your opinion about the competitors from Romania in this field. Although it had a lot of things to say, Synevo chose to express themselves as a new brand, focused on understanding their targeted female audience.

Cătălin Rusu, Creative Director & Managing Partner Rusu+Borţun Brand Growers

The team that implemented this campaign is made up from Synevo’s General Manager – Virgil Ivan and Marketing Director – Mariana Colcigeanu and from Rusu+Borţun Brand Growers with Cătălin Rusu – Creative Director & Managing Partner, Marc Borţun – Senior Art Director & Creative Partner, Mircea Crăciun – Senior Copywriter, Anca Uscătescu – Publishing Design & DTP Manager şi Iulian Angheluţă – Executive Director.