BRAT launched an application to automatically detect online advertising

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BRAT launched, on April 8th, a spider to detect automatically all display advertising messages posted on websites.

After a period of developing and testing that lasted several months, BRAT launched the app and will start providing, for the 1st time in Romania, a complete monitoring for display campaign, covering March. In the start, the monitoring will include info on campaigns’ presence on each website and, in the future, will add data on the statistics for each campaign.

Technically, the app identifies all the ad messages posted on a web page, no matter if they are flash banners, images or text. In March, BRAT identified around 15,700 unique banners, grouped in 2,616 ad campaigns running on over 15,700 websites. From the identified banners, 8,200 represent advertising distributed via Google, with half of them being text ads.