Daniel Gavrila becomes Managing Director at Romanian agency Papaya Advertising

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Daniel Gavrila becomes Managing Director at Romanian agency Papaya Advertising, while Robert Tiderle is the new creative director of the agency.

Before anything, I think it is important to say why Daniel “becomes” Managing Director and does not “take over” at Papaya. It’s because of a simple reason, this function didn’t exist previous to him coming in the agency. Daniel doesn’t replace anyone and does not take over duties from someone else in Papaya. Practically, the agency will enter a new dimension, exactly 7 years after it signed its first campaign. Together, we will try to create a new type of agency, a new way of doing things that won’t be easy to fit in a category that exists right now in the industry.

And this is possible to achieve only if you have close to you the best people and an internal process with an efficiency that doesn’t translate in money, but in everyone’s joy to work at Papaya, for projects we like and people we like.

Daniel completes a team of friends. As a person, in the first place, and, secondly, as a professional. Not the last, as I know him, as one that will never settle with giving less that he can give

Robert Tiderle,

Creative Director Papaya Advertising.

Daniel Gavrila (L), Robert Tiderle (R)

Robert’s Papaya is, I think, the last idealistic agency in Romania. It has candor, power and trust in its own forces. It has people that care about each other and that don’t come just at a job. Papaya has principles and believes in causes. It believes in building on a long term and knows how to tell a story. Papaya doesn’t believe in hypocrisy as a way to communicate or in mediocrity as a way to be prosperous. I’m delighted

Daniel Gavrila,

Managing Director Papaya Advertising.