GolinHarris Bucharest launched a new internship platform, Bright Young Things


GolinHarris launched a new internship platform, Bright Young Things, that will allow communication students to be part of agency’s team. This platform represents a continuation of GolinHarris scholarships, launched in 2011 to celebrate agency’s affiliation to GolinHarris.

Bright Young Things looks for and supports creativity and the agency invites young people to be part of GolinHarris story and offers them the needed experience to start their career in PR. The students will also be paid Euro 300 for the internship period.

The platform will start with a Brainstorming Bright, on April 23rd, at GolinHarris headquarters, with all interested people expected to be present. The participants, together with Hortensia Nastase, Managing Partner GolinHarris, will seek to solve a brief inspired from reality. At the end of the brainstorming, a student will win instantly a Bright Scholarship.

Hortensia nastase

I believe strongly in this new generation and their unaltered vision over the industry. They come with a fresh mind and, even if they don’t have experience in the field, they have those crazy virgin ideas, are connected to the latest trends and have a passion impossible to stop. And who would want to stop that? GolinHarris helps them to earn experienec. And their first PR salary. A win-win situation

Hortensia Nastase,

Managing Partner GolinHarris Bucharest.

For 6 months, on agency’s Facebook platform, there will be posted different briefs and the students will be challenged to come up with a bright idea. The ones that would get Bright scholarships will be chosen by Bright Collective team within the agency and a known blogger.