Cabral and Puya, duelling in a new Lay’s campaign

Ads, Creativity

Cabral Ibacka and Dragos Gardescu (Puya) are duelling in the new campaign “Come to Lay’s Duel”, a campaign signed by Graffiti BBDO and in which was involved a number of other agencies. The 2 find Lay’s taste so irresistible that they start a duel for the  last chips in the bowl and are presented in different phases of the duel, with consumers to be the ones to decide the result, by supporting their favorite out of the 2.

Lay’s duel for the last chips in the bowl is following the strategic line we launched last year, but brings the idea one step forward. Interactivity is the key element for the new campaign, with the consumer coming on the first place: he decides who receives the last chips in the bowl and he is also the one to win awards. It is a complex and original project, for which we reunited the forces of our best partners: Graffiti BBDO, Caan Media, Jazz Communication, OMD, Xplain, Unlock Research, BrandBody Communication and Bortun Olteanu Consultanta. The protagonists of the duel, Puya and Cabral, took their roles very serious and manage to send perfectly the message that, when the taste is irresistible, the duel cannot be avoided (…)

Alina Imbrea,

Marketing Manager Snacks East Balkans PepsiCo.

Even from the 1st meeting with the 2 we realized that it will be extremely hard to choose from a multitude of comical situation that appear when you challenge Cabral and Puya to duel for the taste of the last Lay’s chip in the bowl. The director Radu Muntean made our choice even harder, coming continuously with new ideas. But, as it was hard choosing the situations was, it was even more fun film them

Vlad Lazar,

Creative Director Graffiti BBDO.

The campaign has a 360 degrees approach, with a mix of TV, interactive online platform, social media, POSM, in store activations and PR.