Innovation Summit offer innovation experiences in design, sound, tech and gastronomy

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Innovation Summit creates an ideal context for a complete experience in innovation. Seminaries and workshops are held by top consultants in the field and are completed by the “you can touch” dimension of the innovation in tech, sound, design and gastronomy from the exhibition area.

Highest dynamics are in tech, where complex apps and gadgets are built fast, aiming to simplify difficult experiences. During the summit, Microsoft will present the most recent solutions developed to be applied both in business and personal lives.

Modulab, trans-media lab that promotes research and development for new methods and tech for human expression in art and creative ideas, will offer participants the opportunity to experience 2 artistic installations based on innovative tech solutions,  Holopix and Drumtable. “Holopix is one of the first machines on volatile medium in the world, that we made starting from the idea of an ephemera steam sculpture”, said Paul Popescu, project’s author. Drumtable is an installation that uses sand, reconverting it in an analogic way in order to create sand.

Innovation in design is introduced by pieces signed by Hansen, Nordic interior design specialists that create spaces to inspire and to bring people closer to innovation. One of the pieces presented during the event is Easy-Rider. “We’re talking about a chair/office that is mobile and playful and that brings together rest-work functions; the designer Australian Danny Venlet defines it like a subtle mind-game that dares the adult to see the world with a fress and unaltered by prejudices look – the look of a child for which absolutely everything is possible”, Diana Blinda and Liviu Souca, founders Hansen, explain the affinity with the event.

The Innovation Summit experience is completed by “Gourmet” section, where stars will be Radisson Blu chefs, specialized in molecular gastronomy and leaded by Bernd Kirsh, Executive Chef. They will make a live demonstration of how ingredients can be decomposed and recomposed, creating a special sensorial experience and a special visual show.