G2 Romania handles BTL communication for Wu Xing

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Wu Xing appointed G2 Romania to handle its BTL communication on conventional and unconventional channels, with the 1st campaign targeting students to make them aware of the launch of a new product, Wu Xing Wrap, a Chinese style interpretation for shaorma.  A few simple advertising idea bring products’ bebefits directly to the target, so that the message gets in the train to Mangalia on May 1st, in the student residences in mid-session and also in universities. With those activations, the new product becomes “the delicious definition” of a filling meal suited to a student’s budget and that can be delivered in a simple and fast manner.

A few months ago, we were looking for a creation agency to understand our business and that I could feel close of our needs and what we wanted to communicate. We chose G2 Romania because any idea is strategically explained, because it involves a lot in implementation and because creative ideas generate results. We launched Wrap together, an experience the agency translated excellently in a presentation movie* (…)

Cristian Mogodici,

Marketing Manager WU XING

*the video  is on top of the news

Agency’s team working on the project included: Mihai Fetcu (Creative Director), Stefan Vasilachi (Head of Art), Marius Matei (Senior Copywriter), Bogdan Teodorescu (Digital Art Director), Miruna Balteanu (Account Manager), Mihaela Badara (Account Executive) and  Dana Pascu (Senior Strategic Planner).