SEM Days prepares for its 2nd edition, in September, in Bucharest

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SEM Days, the biggest event in Romania dedicated to SEO and PPC, is scheduled to have its 2nd edition on September 18-19, in Bucharest. The agenda will include subjects of interest for search engine marketing world, that will be discussed by local and international leaders. The event is expected to attract around 300 participants: online entrepreneurs, marketing managers, social media and online managers, C-level managers.

Following the success we had last year, we wish SEM Days 2013 to bring even more know-how and value to SEO, PPC and Social Search industry. That is why we co-opted in the project’s team SEO monitor – our partner and leader on the profile market. Together, we aim to bring speakers well-known internationally, with interesting things to say for managers and business owners that want to increase the success of their online business

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Parale, founder & organizer SEM Days.

The event is structured on 2 days, one day of conferences and one of workshops to be held by SEM experts.

Over 90% of Romanians are searching on Google information on products and services before actually buying them. That is why SEM is a domain that gains ground very fast. Businesses with online presence are, practically, dependent of visibility increase on this search engine. For them, SEM Days is an opportunity to meet specialists, to find creative ideas to promote, concrete solutions and to prepare for the future

Cosmin Negrescu,

CEO SEO monitor, co-organizer SEM Days.

During the 1st day, dedicated to keynote speeches and panels, participants can get familiar with marketing on search engines: how they can generate more online sales for their business, what they can do when they were penalized by Google, how to protect their brand online and so on. During the second day of conference, participants will assist to workshops with live demos, case studies, creative ideas and  other methods to consolidate the online presence.

The full agenda of the event will be available on starting June.