Romanian People Public Relationships Agency and Cafeneaua Veche – Gold in Food Service category, at EMEA Sabre Awards


The campaign Romanian People Public Relationships Agency made for the relaunch of Cafeneaua Veche was awarded Gold in Food Service during EMEA Sabre Awards Gala, that took place in Barcelona.

During the awarded project, People Public Relationships Agency was more than a communication agency – a real business consultant, planning the smallest elements to bring back to life the past – from redecorating the interior and changing the menu to the PR campaign made around celebrating 200 years of existence. In implementing the campaign, People worked together with Gavrila& Asociatii for creation and branding.

The applauses we received last night, in Barcelona, from the elite of EMEA PR, convinced us one more time that People Public Relationships Agency must continue to be more than a communication consultant. People is and will remain a business partner (…) I am very proud for the recognition that 2 Romanian brands, Cafeneaua Veche and People, received from some extremely powerful names in communication

Tudor Daescu,

Managing Partner People Public Relationships Agency.

I received the news of this success with great joy, and the pride I feel is even bigger as a Romanian brand full of history and dear to me reached both on the lips of people in Barcelona and in London (…) Winning the gold to the most important European PR festival by my business is a huge step for me, as a student to European School of Economics, but also for the Romanian brands, that earn their well deserved place on the international map of successful businesses

Robert Dumitru,

Owner Cafeneaua Veche

People Public Relationships Agency is an agency that offers PR & digital services, with offices in Bucharest and Sofia. In the start of this year, the agency became part of Millenium People. In Romania, it has in portfolio brands such as Logitech, Philips, AOC, Vans, Garmin/ Sheba Distribution, Vespa, Niro Investment Group and Grand Cinema Digiplex.