GolinHarris, 2nd year of partnership with City University of Seattle and Globaltraining Romania for the MBA CityU of Seatle


GolinHarris continues to support the MBA program offered by CityUniversity of Seattle (CityU), one of the most successful MBA programs in Romania and in the world. Hortensia Nastase, Managing Partner GolinHarris, is this year also lecturer of the PR and Media Management module, that takes place in the interval May-June.

CityUniversity of Seattle is present in Romania since 1999, has as an official partner Globaltraining Romania (University of Nicosia Greece group)

The first module Hortensia presented was a success, so it was natural to continue this collaboration and we are happy that the Romanian students have the opportunity to learn things directly from renown professionals in their activity fields. To give others from what you know, these are the real mentors. I thank Hortensia for accepting this invitation

Adela Sova,

Senior Manager, Senior Manager ACCA, ACA&MBA Studies.

Hortensia nastase

It is a very beautiful experience, a mutual exchange of knowledge and energies. And a joy to be able to share forward from what I accumulated, over the years, at GolinHarris. It is a honor to continue this project

Hortensia Nastase,

Managing Partner GolinHarris Bucuresti.

GolinHarris is actively involved in educational project for young students and specialists. The paid internship program  “Bright Young Things’, though which the students and graduates are selected for a paid stage within the agency, is already at  its third edition