Romanian geo-marketing uses hi quality data for the first time, provided by Inbox Marketing


Inbox Marketing, subsidiary of Mediapost Hit Mail, uses for the first time in Romania a geographical database, with coverage for biggest 106 Romanian towns (80% out of the urban population). The immediate consequence was generating, for company’s clients, of a significant growth of the efficiency in leaflets distribution in letterboxes (letterbox marketing). Using this geomarketing data, collected directly by the company, helped Inbox Marketing winning the leader position, with 55-60% market quota.

The investment in the database was of Euro 350.000, allocated for the workforce dedicated to collecting data in the field,  hardware and software to process the data and consultancy from french specialists and training.

foto Marian Seitan

Clients hire us for results. To be efficient, you cannot remain to the same executional level, you have to think things out as a whole. In 2009, when I saw at our French colleagues how much geomarketing increases the efficiency of  letterbox marketing activities, we said to ourselves: «We must do that too for our clients». We searched for good quality geographical data and we didn’t find any, so we decided to collect them ourselves, following the very high standards used in France. Our data collecting process lasts for over 3 years and it’s not yet over. In this moment, we cover 80% of the urban population

Marian Seitan,

Founder and General Manager Inbox Marketing

 Collecting data was made through effective field work and registering GPS coordinates of the households, which allows obtaining a clear image on the areas where clients or prospects live or work. Right now, Inbox Marketing has complete info for 137 towns and suburban areas.

Innovative approach, in line with nowadays tech, of the letterbox marketing concept, also by intensively using geomarketing instruments, brought us the leadership position on this market segment. Very helpful in earning this place was the fact that, apart from our competitors, we give the highest importance to our clients’ marketing strategies, and logistic support is just an instrument to implement them

Stelian Tigau,

Development Director Inbox Marketing.

 Geomarketingul is a marketing instrument largely used in Europe and US. In Romania, damaged or old data didn’t allowed until now a correct usage of this instrument in order to obtain relevant and accurate data. Inbox Marketing’s effort aims to use this instrument to its full capacity, in order to increase the efficiency of the promotional campaigns made by its clients.

Inbox Marketing is the operational branch of  Mediapost Hit Mail and mainly handles letterbox marketing activities. Starting 2005, the company is member for Romania in ELMA (European Letterbox Marketing Association).

Among most representative clients of Inbox Marketing are: Altex, Ambient, Auchan, Billa, Carrefour, Dedeman, Deichmann, Flanco, Hervis, Lidl,Mobexpert, Mr.Bricolage, Obi, Penny Market, Provident, Real, Rieker Shoes and Takko. The company has now over 700 employees and has a logistic base that include operational platforms in all county residence towns.