Brainient expands its interactive solutions offer in Eastern Europe

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 Brainient, interactive video platform with headquarters in London and Bucharest, expands its interactive solutions in Eastern Europe in order to deliver interactive video campaigns for partners such as Internet ProTv, Adevarul, ThinkDigital Romania, Antena, Activesoft/ and others.

BrainRolls, the interactive platform created by Brainient, helps brands getting higher engagement rates and to increase the time an user spends watching a video ad, a thing achieved by adding interactive elements in the video ads and by multi-device distribution: interactivity works both on PC and tablets, smartphones or connected TVs.

The expansion of Branient’s video solutions in Europe is the results of the success of interactive video campaigns made for brands such as Coca Cola or EA Games in UK.

BrainRolls can be delivered on 90% of Romanian websites, and Brainient is in talks for possible partnerships with content publishers from all over CEE. In Romania, BrainRolls delivers engagement rates of over 85%, while click rates are of at least 10%. Within the campaigns made for clients such as Coca Cola, BCR, Ursus, AXN or Disney, the interactive elements allow to the user to choose the ad he wants to see, to fill in a form to play a game, to see more videos on brand’s YouTube channel or to distribute ads on Facebook and Twitter.

Due to the increased click and engagement rates, interactive video ads are a very popular video solution. When an user isn’t forced to watch an ad, he has permanent control over the video content he consumes and the interactive ad benefits of a higher exposure time compared to the traditional one. Engagement rates can get up till 480%, with the exposure time up till 120%. The interactive video ads created by Brainient have better performances also when it comes of user’s intent to buy the advertised products and also help improving brand’s image .

In this moment, Brainient runs campaign for clients from UK, France, Germany, US, Australia and Singapore (…) I’m glad our technology, created in Romania, will finally be also used in Romania. We hope to see campaigns as good as the one recently launched for, that recently won Campaign of the Year to the Festival of Media 2013

Emi Gal,

CEO Brainient.

We are happy that important players on the market understood the plus value of interactivity in video advertising (…) We didn’t disappoint them and we deliver results up to 5 times bigger than if they would have chosen standard video ads. The online video technology advanced very much and, with Brainient’s and interactivity’s help, you can create a campaign in which you open a dialogue with the user. You can use questions, forms, mini-games and any other apps that can have a direct answer within the videoplayer, with the user having control all the time over the ad. The ad becomes an interactive, bidirectional experience the user can stop any time, a part from the standard preroll where there’s just one clickable video, very similar to the TV ad. And we all know what’s the impression we have, most of the times, watching a TV ad

Cornel Axin,

CEE Sales Director Brainient.