Gilad Coppersmith:Innovation can come from anywhere, anytime

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Innovation can come from anywhere, anytime.

Reports about Facebook dying are exaggerated and we should believe in the reborn of yahoo. I had the pleasure of meeting Gilad Coppersmith, SVP Digital and Innovation Catalyst World Markets at Mediabrands Worldwide, at ICEE Fest in Bucharest and I had a lot to learn from him. With a huge international experience, Gilad is a great speaker. He knows how a make a joke from now and then and answers really honestly to each question you have. I have gathered here some of the most interesting ideas that resulted from the conversation.

Gilad pe scena

  1. The desired invention: Google glass+ connected watches. They are helpful for organizing information, not an entertainment device. I believe they will not put too much information for a much period of time. Wearable technology is useful if it’s not functional.
  2. The power of the digital is purely dictated by the consumer and has nothing to do with the TV. For example, in India the internet access my mobile has surpassed the desktop internet access. Because of this environment the internet grows. In a few years there will be a small number of markets will less than 50 % smartphones penetration.
  3. Innovation can come from anywhere, anytime.
  4. The primary driver for people on an information website is its content and quality.
  5. Reports of Facebook death are exaggerated. It is still very much growing in many countries. Everybody goes to global market platforms (twitter, Google +, Pinterest). So, Facebook is changing. For now it is cutting down on sponsored stories. “Actually, I believe that Facebook is a mobile company and we are going to see the evolution of Facebook”, considers Gilad.
  6. When it comes to brands on Facebook, he believes the value is not in the number of likes, but on how you work with them. You can do more damage to your brand if you are not truly committed or careful. More than 50% of fans expect an answer in less than 1 hour.  You have more success if you think of your Facebook presence as part of the overall campaign and how it can fit in it perfectly. If it doesn’t link to a bigger concept and the idea is a problem it can do the brand more harm than good.
  7. “I see the revitalisation of yahoo. It has some progress in the stories area, especially on sports. Soon, it will be a very relevant product again. I am confident in yahoo. It’s massive in Asia”, also added Coppersmith.
  8. With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest we see that the internet has become very visual. The revival of Flickr is related to that.

The future

“If I were to invest, my first dollars will be on search. To make my sites as searchable as possible. People don’t know anything, anymore. No one thinks, they just look for information”, said Gilad Coppersmith .

With 18 years of experience in marketing&advertising, in many international markets, winner of a Grand Prix for Media Innovation organized by the Internationalist Magazine (2008), Gilad runs now from Singapore the digital divisions of the agencies part of the IPG Mediabrands network from 52 countries.

The international network IPG Mediabrands is a part of Interpublic Group, one of the biggest communication, marketing and advertising organizations in the world. In Romania, IPG Mediabrands is represented by the companies Universal McCann, Initiative and BPN.


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