Amnesty International inaugurated House of Cards

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Amnesty International inaugurated, on June 18th, a house of cards in Bucharest, in a location close to the University. Built by organization’s activists and representatives of Roma communities, the house represents a symbol of people’s vulnerability in front of the forced evacuation imposed by authorities. This event was also the occasion when Amnesty International launched a report that illustrates the impact forced evacuations have over people’s lives, from society’s exclusion point of view, impossibility of access to medical services, education or work.

Made on a concept tailored by Rogalski Grigoriu Public Relations, the House of Cards was also built to host a photo exhibition with images of people that were subjected to forced evacuation.

The house is open to public for 2 days and visitors will be encouraged to sign a petition for Romanian prime minister that demands stopping the forced evacuation and protect the right to a residence within the national legislation.

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House of Cards concept was implemented with help from Tempo Advertising (creation) and 360 Revolution (production).