Changes and reshuffles in Graffiti BBDO’s team


During the first 6 months of 2013, Graffiti BBDO reshuffled its internal structure and appointed new leaders to coordinate the key departments of the agency.

Graffiti BBDO’s creation is now leaded by 2 valuable seniors, Alex Strimbeanu and Vlad Lazăr, that coordinate ideas and concepts from the position of Creative Directors. Together with them, Ștefan Chiritescu is now Head of Innovation and leaves the strategy team to be coordinated by Dan Sendroiu, while Bianca Dordea comes from Tempo with big plans for accounts and agency’s new business activities.

With over 8 years of agency experience, Alex Strimbeanu started as copywriter at Gavrila&Asociatii, continuing with Grey Worldwide Romania as Senior Copywriter and Graffiti BBDO as Group Creative Director. He has in portfolio campaigns for important clients on the Romanian market such as Volksbank, Petrom, Dacia and Tuborg and won national and international awards at AdPrint, Eurobest or Cannes Lions.

Vlad Lazar, part of Graffiti BBDO already for 2 years, come with the creative vibe from Headvertising, where he decided to work because he liked word games and Serban Alexandrescu. For almost 10 years, Vlad was involved in working for brands such as  Ursus, Petrom, Lay’s and Prigat.

In 2007, Dan Sendroiu entered in Client Service at Leo Burnett, where he was Regional Brand Communication Executive Balkans and worked for clients in FMCG, Durables or Finance. Since 2010, he is associate professor at Bucharest University. During its 6 years of Strategic Planning within Graffiti BBDO, he handled planning communication and business consultancy strategies and developing insights that were the start pillar for marketing interactive campaigns

Ștefan Chiritescu also has Client Service background and is part of Graffiti BBDO since 2005. As leader of the strategy team for over 5 years, he has a portfolio that includes a lot of Effie awards, including a Grand Effie in 2012 for “Pepsi – Today. Same as yesterday”.

 We’re feeling every day how tech progress influences us and models our lifestyle. The recent appointments in agency’s management have the role to stimulate innovation and creativity, 2 main pillars for progress

Cosmin Radoi,

Managing Director Graffiti BBDO


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