23 Communication Ideas signs Carpatina’s relaunch campaign

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After adding the mineral water producer in its clients portfolio, 23 Communication Ideas developed for Carpatina a relaunch campaign that starts this month and includes more TV ads, among which Health minute and Telenovela.

I was pleasantly impressed, even shocked, by the normality of the brief. We don’t have to talk about water’s qualities? About the spring it comes from? We don’t need to say about what all waters do? We don’t say it calms your thirst and chills you down in the summer? Nothing about chemical properties, nitrites, balance, calcium and magnesium? Well, no. We received a nice and generous brief, centered on consumer not the product

Laurentiu Semeniuc

The new communication concept aligns to Carpatina brand’s values and is aimed to highlight its capability to talk about people and less about its own product, focusing the discussion on people’s need to keep their spirit young. The TV ads, realized as part of Carpatina TV platform, are part of a larger communication plan for Carpatina, that will also include online and SMS promotions. The campaign, started on TV, will also continue with other executions. including shows on the Carpatina TV platform.

I meet here the 1st brand that doesn’t speak about water, but about people. A WHO brand, not a WHAT brand. And more precisely about middle aged people, that are always running around and pressed by responsibilities from all sides: family, kid, job and credits to banks. A period when, even if the life isn’t the same as during the first youth, the young spirit doesn’t have reasons not to remain as back at 20 years old and helps you feel alike. Carpatina speaks to the people about the spirit of the most wonderful age, that we should keep intact for as long as possible. The rich insight specific to the age lead us to an impressive subjects’ list, same as a TV schedule, that covers all audience’s needs with different shows. Here is where Carpatina TV came from. A fictive TV station, that approaches in an amusing key, the serious themes of the middle age

Laurențiu Semeniuc,

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