OMD, best media network in EMEA, according to a RECMA report for 2012


OMD is the best media network in EMEA for the 7th year in the row, according to a RECMA report for 2012. The media network increased its media market share to over 12% for the 1st time and leads at industry’s level.

This is the most recent leadership position that OMD gets in RECMA’s report. In 2013, OMD was also awarded in Cannes, where it was the most awarded media network; also, Gunn Report says that OMD was the most awarded media agency at international level in 2012, also for the 7th time.

OMD in the region is now responsible to invest over $17.1BN from its clients’ marketing investments. This increase was mainly generated by an extended offer of products and services tailored for the digital environment and also by an approach based on collaboration, through which 56 markets operate more like a regional hub to satisfy more efficient the global and local needs of our clients. We have over 4,300 media specialists that are creating and sharing ideas 24/7 when it comes of our clients’ business challenges and that started to really make a diference in the way we are working. This thing contributed a lot to the fact that we maintained our leader position for so long in such a competitive sector

Nikki Mendonça,

President OMD EMEA