UPDATED: Romanian ad agency AdVenture transformed in Funvertising


After 10 years and a half of presence on Romanian market, AdVenture decided to close the doors and start all over again, with another name, more happy people and more fun. So it rebranded in Funvertising.

The mascot of the new agency is “a little sheep, a little stork, all the invoices will be colored, the mansard has CMYK colored walls”, the creative jobs were renamed and the program isn’t as strict as before.

The change started for a year, almost without us realizing it. We had in mind a single thing: more fun. I realized that all we can do in the actual economic context is to change ourselves. We gave up on some people and to most of the rules, than we started to relax. The idea of Funvertising came naturally. Although we loved AdVenture, it wasn’t representing us anymore. We wanted a name to express what we want to be, namely the coolest ad agenc in Romania, with the happiest and most relaxed employees

Alex Zamfir,


When people are happier, results are automatically better. That is why we want Funvertising to be, more than anything, a cool work place. Nobody gets upset if you get to the office at 9.30. There are days when we all run to see movies or go to the mountains. Some mornings, we do Yoga. Downstairs, next to the kitchen, we have a room for music. At the ground floor we play fusbal and pinball. We don’t come to work, we come to have fun while we make our clients happy. Practically, we want the road to achieving objectives to be as cool as what we deliver

Dan Dumitrescu


On September 11th, Romanian full service advertising agency AdVenture announced, in a post on its blog, that it ceases its activity and close. AdVenture started its activity in 2002 and was present on Romanian advertising market for more than 10 years and decided to stop its activity starting September 13th.

I had fun every day during those 10 years, even during the most difficult days. I had fun and I believed in us, in¬†AdVenture. In the last period of time, the context starts to be more and more complicated. It seems to me that nothing is fun anymore. We aren’t having fun anymore and I don’t like that. So I wondered what sense does it make anymore. What are we going to do next? For now, we are still involved in projects and we don’t have time to think about that. We will see

Alex Zamfir,

General Manager AdVenture.

When we decided to start the agency, I wanted it to be cool. And it was. Until a little while ago, it really was cool. AdVenture “lived” for 10 years. I think it is important to know when to stop

Dan Dumitrescu,

 Managing Partner AdVenture

AdVenture will end its journey with a meeting between friends, scheduled to take place on September 13th a agency’s headquarters.