SOS Satele Copiilor and DDB Romania – campaign to support access to education

Creativity, Media

DDB Romania aims to make parents more sensitive with a new campaign, “Back to School”, made for SOS Satele Copiilor in order to gather donations for schooling and educating kids living in difficult situations.

With the concept “Make an excuse or chose to get involved!”, the campaign signed by our partners from DDB makes you confront your own blockages and surpass them, realizing on your own that every donation matters. It is an approach in which we believe in very much because a conclusion you reach to yourself is more valuable than one that someone tries to sell to you

Carmen Bruma,

Manager Fundraising and Communication Department SOS Satele Copiilor Romania.

Donations consisting in money are a very sensitive subject for Romanians, even if the purpose is the access to education for children that depend on this chance. People have a lot of barriers that stop them donate and that is why our campaign explores a real insight, in which it has the power to motivate and influence the conduit. Practically, we call things on their real name and make people face the excuses they use to calm down their conscience about being ok that you do nothing: “You already have enough problems”, “You mus take care of your kids, not other ones”, “a small donation wouldn’t make a difference anyway” or “who knows where the mone end up”

Roxana Memetea,

Managing Partner DDB Romania.

Together with Media Investment, DDB team developed a communication plan that directions the target from offline to online: posters with QR codes that redirect towards 2 special landing pages (1, 2), first for punctual donations for the start of the school year and second for recurring donations dedicated to children’s long term education. The campaign will be active in September and is supported with Facebook Ads and display banners and targeted on business, news and parenting websites.