IAB Romania makes available Digital Media Sales Certification on Romanian market

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Starting October 1st, IAB Romania will offer access to the 1st international certification created to accredit the online advertising professionals, Digital Media Sales Certification (DMSC).

The certification is confirming the knowledge needed for the professionals working in digital, especially in media buying and selling domain, and it is, for the moment, the only internationally recognized certification for the online industry.

DMSC evaluates the competencies in 4 areas complementary to the industry: work instruments and techniques for online advertising, online advertising space sales, digital campaigns management, evaluation and analysis for online advertising campaigns.

By bringing this certification in Romania, we aimed mainly to educate the local market, especially its sales area – the engine of online advertising industry. Also, we wanted to offer a way for internationally recognizing the already existing knowledge, especially as the latest consolidation actions accelerated the need of accreditation for those who work in this field. Having such a certification, unique in the industry, is a differentiating factor for anyone that wants to perform in the sector and an important proof for clients that those they work with are, for real, good professionals. It is normal to wish to see as many specialists from Romania that would receive this certification and to make sure that, in a global and extremely dynamic environment, the practical knowledge in the sector are at the same standards

Ioana Anescu,

Managing Director IAB Romania.

Those who want to take the certification must have 2 years of professional experience in digital media sales, a year experience in digital media sales+2 in digital media+15 hours of training in digital media, 2 years of professional experience in media sales+5 years in sales+30 hours of digital media trainings or diploma of attending a study program in digital marketing to an accredited institution+1 year of experience in sales or media.

People interested in obtaining the certification can attend to supplementary preparatory classes to fulfill the eligibility conditions. In Romania, the classes are offered via IAB Romania and Calin Rotarus Communication Bureau (BCCR).

To get the certification, one must pass a multiple-choices type test with 100 questions. The test lasts 2 hours and can be taken 4 times a year, in Bucharest, Otopeni, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara and Constanta. For the moment, the exam is only available in English.

The fee for test is Euro 400 for IAB Romania’s members and of Euro 500 for non-members. The certification is valid for 2 years .