Superbrands Romania 2013 – judging and marketing research phases reached to the end

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Superbrands Romania 2013 closed the judging and marketing research phases, with the group of the 15 leading brands being dominated by German and media brands. Romanian brands eligible for Superbrands title in 2013 represent 25% from the total.

Judging and marketing research represented the 1st stage for 2013 edition, with around 300 brands from 52 categories of products and services qualifying for the Superbrand status in Romania.

The 15 leading brands in Superbrands 2013 are Pampers, Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Oetker, BMW, Ariel, National Geographic Channel, Samsung, Gillette, Bosch, Audi, Antena 1, Pro TV, Facebook, Discovery Channel and Nivea. As it can be noticed, dominant are the German brands, that have an excellent reputation and are aspirational for Romanian consumers as they are known for conseqvence, trustworthiness and quality.

This year, Procter & Gamble has 3 brands among the leading ones, namely Pampers, Ariel and Gilette.

Local brands also continue to be in Romanian consumers’ preferences, 25% of the total validated brands being from Romania. The local Superbrands candidates are Antena 1, PRO TV, BCR, Banca Transilvania, Catena, Borsec, Napolact, Timisoreana, Plafar, Ursus, Scandia Sibiu, eMag, Dedeman, Bunica and Radio Zu.

The complete list of brands eligible for Superbrand title in Romania in 2013 will be presented in the 6th edition of Superbrands for Romania book.

Superbrands has in present programs in over 80 international markets.