Study: Big retailers can change Romanian consumers online buying habits


Fresh food products would pass the barrier generated by the lack of trust in quality, freshness and hygiene guaranteed by an online store if those products would be offered by a known retailer. A study made by Romanian Exact Cercetare si Consultanta shows that 35% of Romanian internet users would order online fresh products from the big retailers, compared to only 2% from the consumers that do so now .

The main advantage perceived by buyers is that, when they buy online, they save time, with 80% placing this in a top of reasons to buy online. Next in line, but far away, is the delivery no matter where in Romania (35%) or the possibility of searching more websites in the same time and compare prices (30%).

Considering the intention of big retailers to expand their services online, the study caught Romanian’ perception over this opportunity. Over the time, studies showed that food products and even alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks have a smaller probability of being bought online. The main reasons are lack of trust in their freshness (56%), in the hygiene condition in storage (53%) and during the delivery (28%).

foto Lacramioara Loghin

We must consider a buyer’s acquisition pattern that we see in more categories of products. Five years ago, clothing products – clothes, shoes – were on the last place on the acquired buy. The main reason was the impossibility to try them or to test the quality of the materials. During the last 2 years, this category reached on the first places, competing with electronics and appliances. The positive experience with fashion online stores eliminated the barrier step by step. The same barrier (…) must be considered by the big retailers that want the buyer to acquire them online

Lacramioara Loghin,

Managing Director Exact Cercetare si Consultanta.