UPDATED: Romanian outdoor Euromedia Group – sold

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(adds info about new owners)

Euromedia announced it was sold to an “investors group”. Romanian Paginademedia.ro found out and presented exclusively those who took over the outdoor company. According to Paginademedia.ro information, one of the investors supported the Romanian TV Money.ro. The company that took over Euromedia is Createlier (that has as shareholders Nicolaie George – 25%, Costin Ciobanu – 50% and Environment & Sport Development SRL – 25%.  Environment & Sport Development is owned by Ovidiu-Traian and Valerie Antoinette Denise Semenescu.

On September 25th, JOJ Media House announced that it sold its entire participation in Euromedia Group SA, leader on Romanian outdoor market, towards a private group of Romanian investors, with details of the transaction to remain confidential, according to a press release on company’s website.

The sale of Euromedia represents an important step in EpaMedia activity’s restructuring. I am sure that the new shareholders will provide Euromedia the needed support for its long term support

Richard Flimel,

President of the Board, JOJ Media House

The closing of this transaction is an important step for the local outdoor advertising market. Euromedia will continue to assume the leader position both when it comes of turnover and number of advertising supports, but also when it comes of a professional approach to the business. Our purpose will continue to be to serve in an excellent manner our clients and to contribute to their success once with the improvement of our position on the market and of our profitability

Bogdan Vasile,

CEO Euromedia Group SA.

JOJ Media House is a Slovak media group, shareholder in some private TV channels(TV JOJ, Plus, Wau and Senzi) and in outdoor advertising companies in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Macedonia. In December 2012, JOJ Media House acquired EpaMedia– Europaische Plakat-Und Aussenmedien GMBH (EpaMedia). EpaMedia was the direct shareholder of Euromedia Group SA.

Euromedia Group SA is the traditional leader of Romanian outdoor market, with a national panel’s network, over 8,000 ad faces, a team of 84 employees and turnover of over Euro 8M in 2012.