Raluca Duta (GolinHarris Bucharest), speaker at PR Academy


Raluca Duta, Community Manager GolinHarris, is one of the speakers at PR Academy, event scheduled to take place on November 21st  and that will include advanced workshops targeting PR and communication professionals. PR Academy is an Evensys event.

Raluca’s presentation will focus on Real Time Marketing, a trend in today’s communication industry that centers in real time strategy for represented brands, with it adapted around the subjects on the day’s agenda. She will share to the audience examples of Real Time Marketing already implemented by GolinHarris for clients in agency’s portfolio

Raluca Duta

Real time marketing means action, speed, inspiration and attentive and continous monitoring of the market: you need to know, 24/24, what happens around, on day’s agenda, in social media, in the TV news shows, on Facebook walls, on blogs, in all channels, so you can speculate the best opportunity for your brand. Than, the action must have engagement potential and the message must be adapted depending on the medium it is launched.Real time marketing is based on creativity and an incredible generator of story and awareness, in a moment of communication when stereotypical ad messages move a smaller and smaller audience. Real time marketing means to e relevant for the clients of the brands you are communicating for, in a moment when consumers are permanently connected to multiple information sources and interact non-stop with the brands

Raluca Duta,

Community Manager GolinHarris.

During the PR Innovation workshop will also be approached other sujects, such as Visual Communication, Integrated Communication and Creativity in PR.