Study: A fifth of Romanians think economic environment is good for starting a business


One in five Romanians considers the actual economic environment as good for starting a business, a study made by Novel Research for Provident Financial Romania shows. The study was made in October (9-21) 2013, on a sample of 1.012 people.

10.4% Romanians that participated to the study say they intend to start a business within the next year, while 2.4% already did what’s needed to open their own firm. Over a quarter are interested and prepared to become entrepreneurs, but don’t believe that will happen in the next year.

Around 37% experienced entrepreneurship, but only 12.2% are active in present.

The study also shows that, when it comes of the juridical entity they would chose, almost half (47.5%) of the Romanians that want to become entrepreneurs in the next period would chose the authorized physical person status, 32% would found an LTD company and only 8% a company based on shareholdership

To start a business, 28% consider needed an investment of up to RON 15,000 and a quarter say they would ask for money from a financial institution in order to start or develop a business. Almost half say that the investment for opening a business should be  RON 15.000 – 50.000, while 24,3%  – over RON 50.000.

When it comes of getting the money needed for starting / developing a business, 24,2% Romanians would loan from friends or family, 22,1% would demand it from governmental programs and 20,7% – from investment funds.

 The study confirms one more the importance of investing in financial and entrepreneurial education, one of the priorities of Provident’s strategy for durable development. We are involved in programs aimed to improve Romanians’ level of financial and entrepreneurial knowledge since 2008. Based on the accumulated experience – both in Romania and at group’s level – and considering the results of Novel’s study, we are launching today, with our partners from online resources center, the website and the program with the same name

Ivo Kalik,

General Manager Provident Financial Romania & Bulgaria.