Henkel Romania and Armada communicate in a new way for Perwoll


Henkel Romania and Armada communicate in a new way the wash-liquid brand Perwoll, with the program to support young designers and fashion creators, that reflects brand’s involvement in the continuous reinvention of fashion universe.

To promote the contest, that already reached to the second edition and has as theme “Alb/Negru”(Black and white) this year, Armada came up with a creative concept suited to brand’s personality, winning the pitch organized by Henkel Romania.

The program for young designers represents one of Perwoll’s image vectors, reason why Armada developed an unitary communication strategy, that would single out the brand and consolidate its identity.

We came up with the name of this program like an extension of Perwoll slogan, “like new”, with “like new designers”. Perwoll is, this way, the brand that seizes all that gravitates around the word “new”, from clothes (…) to a chance for the new designers. The words game reminds Perwoll’s promise, the name of the program being a manifest for its positioning. Moreover, the actuality brought by “like”, of so great importance in our days, is very suited, as it is a contest taking place online

 Loredana Marin,

 Copywriter Armada.

 armada 2

It isn’t quite easy to impress some young people for which no matter what way of expression – language, clothes or lifestyle – is reduced to one single word: creativity. That is why, instead of usual flyers and posters, we chose to put the materials right on hangers, where the young designers would like their creations to end on. We also produced textile flyers for events, which made people from Henkel happy

Silvia Dumitru,

Art Director Armada.  

 armada 3 armada1

Armada proposed to send teams of 2 promoters that would include also a black person. We considered that interesting and very suited for this year’s concept. We chose to work with Armada exactly because each action and material they propose includes something different. Promoters, the support for messages, all is made as a creative combination between brand’s characteristics, of the contest and of the person we are talking with

Constantin Vasile,

Junior Brand Manager Perwoll.

 The team from Armada working on this campaign included: Silvia Dumitru – Art Direction & Design, Loredana Marin – copy, Maria Bucur – strategy and Project management, Adrian Albu – creative director.

Armada is an independent advertising agency founded in May 2012 by Tiberiu Tuluca – General Manager and Adrian Albu – creative director. They are a team from the start, having complementary experience (Tiberiu – over 12 years of experience in new business and vanzari, and Adi  – 12 of ad creativity from which 9 as Senior Copywriter and Creative Officer Propaganda)