1424.ro: Discounts, Black Friday and Romanian youth

Consumption Habits, Marketing, Studies

Before Black Friday madness start, 1424.ro – largest online panel in Romania dedicated to digital generation, launched and managed by TreeWorks – made an online research to analyze young people’s interest for the sales / discounts period.

According to the analysis, 59% from digital natives are interested by the sales period, only 41% saying this is not something they would be interested in.

When it comes of shopping and number of buys distribution on genders, the research showed a more accentuated interest towards sales coming from women rather than men.  The study shows that 65% of women said that they are interested by sales / discounts, only 35% seeming to not have an interest in that. When it comes of men, 52% are interested in sales and discounts, while 48% say that they aren’t.

On age groups, there are no differences between adolescents aged 14-18 y.o and young adults aged 19-24 y.o. when it comes of discounts and sales, most of them (58%-59%) declaring their interest towards that.

When it comes of their profile, young people interested by sales tend to make more wish lists for the next year than the ones that aren’t interested in sales and discounts and seem to have a more structured way of acting (they do all things in good time, compared to the others, that leave their duties for the last minute) and plan their New Year’s parties earlier (at least a month before, with a minority of 5% starting preparing for that since summer) 

Young people interested by sales and discounts are also the ones that are interested in and celebrate commercial holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

Same segment tends to follow multiple brands and interact with them over Facebook, either by seeing the announcements on brand pages or liking, sharing and commenting brands’ statuses . More than half (52%) of young people interested in discounts and sales are following between 1-50 brand pages, while 14% – over 50.

In the same time, they give more attention to internet commercials and are more opened towards sale announcements made by brands on Facebook, in the sense that they can be easier persuaded to buy than people not interested by sales / discounts periods: 20% said they bought a product after the brand published an announcement on its Facebook page.

The segment uses more banking services, 30% using banks both to save money and to make online payments, and is more open towards contracting a credit for studies.

48% of young people interested by discounts / sales tend to buy clothes once a month, while 11% say they do that every week.

The present study draw data from opinions expressed by 3,180 young people aged 14-24 y.o 

1424.ro is an instrument for mesuring online the attitudes, opinions and habits of Romanian digital natives (young people aged 19-24 y.o, active online). 1424.ro’s methodology is based on online polls using as sampling base the largest panel of young people aged 14-24 y.o in romania, with over 27,000 active users every month. The main source to recruit the panel members is  TPU.ro (2.318.601 unique visitors, 5.758.059 visits and 12.677.590 page views in October 2013).