Banca Transilvania launched Facebook Payments, a first in Romania

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Banca Transilvania (BT) launched Facebook Payments, a service that allows the customers using BT24 Internet Banking to make transfers using Facebook. In the same time, BT launched other 2 facilities: money transfer via SMS and via email.

BT is the first bank in Romania transforming Facebook in Facebank, adding to the social network a financial component for sending and receiving money, instantly, after the transaction is confirmed by the beneficiary.

By launching Facebook Payments, we are opening the branch BT Facebank. On BT’s Facebook page are also available apps to use some of bank’s products and services. Moreover, we are offering consultancy services via the social network. In 2014, we will continue to launch facilities that will be also available via BT Facebank

Gabriela Nistor

Deputy General Manager Retail Banking BT

Both for Facebook Payments and money transfers via SMS or email, the beneficiaries can also be people that aren’t among BT’s clients. More than that, the one that send money via BT24 Internet Banking doesn’t need to know recipients bank  account’s details, as the last is announced through a message on his Facebook, email or SMS when it comes of the transfer. The transactions are fully secured and their initiation needs an online confirmation within BT24 from the person that starts the transfer

For Facebook Payments, to make a transaction is only needed for the one sending the money and the one receiving them to be part of the same Facebook friends group. Practically, the one that sends money selects as beneficiary, within  BT24 Internet Banking, a person that is part of his group of Facebook friends. Than he/she fills in the details of the payment and the maximum time to accept the transfer. The beneficiary receive instantly a message on his Faceboo profile and needs to access the link in the message and fill in a few informations.

The payments via SMS and emails offer the opportunity of sending money knowing only the phone number or the email of the beneficiary.

Facebook is part of BT’s communication, PR and marketing strategy, with bank’s page being managed by an in-house PR and marketing team. Using Facebook, the bank aims to interact with its public, relay the news about the bank or from other domains, sales, consultancy regarding BT’s offer and building brand awarness.

With profile on Facebook since June 2009, BT is the only bank in Romania that launched, in 2013, on its website, the platform Social Media Newsroom, that includes all bank’s news in a single place: news, BT’s posts in social media, a calendar of events, info-graphics, press kit, photo galeries and many more.