Lemonade as vehicle for charity: Euro 5,000 collected for children suffering of cancer


International book fair Gaudeamus was the opportunity to turn lemonade into a vehicle for social good, with Romanian and foreign writers, along with Romanian celebrities, participating to the biggest lemonade marathon in Romania. The lemonade marathon was initiated by Beneva Associated, an association managed by Iulian Vacarean, gathered an impressive amount of money by selling lemonade and offered an important present to the children suffering of cancer and treated at Marie Curie hospital in Bucharest.

Among Romanian celebrities that participated to the event were Andreea Marin and her team from “Cherish Life” (show on Romanian state TV), Anda Adam, Cristina Cioran, Bianca Ionita, Carmen Negoita, Florentina Opris and Mihaela Drafta. Among the writers that joined the cause were Grigore Cartianu, Cezar Paul Bădescu, Dan C Mihailescu, Marius Chivu, Bogdan Costin, Radu Paraschivescu, Diana Ursachi and Norvegian author Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold.

I’m impressed by those who made lemonade with the same passion as we do, bearing in mind and heart the suffering of the children from Marie Curie. I would like to thank all of them! With the money we gathered, we will buy some catheters and medical equipment for Pediatric Oncology department, but we will also get some presents for the children. Gaudeamus is an important event for us every year, but our project isn’t stopping here. In the next period, you can find us in many other places, bringing our cause forward

Iulian Vacarean.

The lemons that were used for making the lemonade were donated by Regina Maria Private Health Network.

Andreea Marin si Iulian Vacarean 2

Andreea Marin si Iulian Vacarean

Andreea Marin, Iulian Vacarean si echipa Pretuieste Viata

Bogdan Costin

Cezar Paul Badescu

Dan C Mihailescu

Florentina Opris si Anda Adam

Florentina Opris, Bianca Ionita, Carmen Negoita, Mihaela Drafta, Anda Adam si Andreea Marin

Grigore Cartianu

Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold

Marius Chivu

Radu Paraschivescu