Extreme Makeover for Super Bowl 2014

Ads, Creativity

A team of Israeli creatives including Orel Bitan (Copywriter), Idan Gilboa (Art director) and Tal Menkes (Copywriter) worked together to write, produce, film, direct and edit the Extreme Makeover ad, an ad that enters Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” 2014 contest.

The ad promotes Doritos (Frito-Lay, PepsiCo. brand) with a situation involving the doctor and his patient, interpreted by Kami Boaz Gam (Doctor) and Andrey Deutsch (Patient). The sound design is signed by Rani Dar.

Dorito’s contest is an annual online commercial competition which invites consumers to submit their own Doritos ads and try to land one of Doritos’ two Super Bowl 2014 slots, win a million dollars and work on the next “Avengers” movie. The contest went global starting this year.