Romanian start up promises free advertising from mobile to digital screen on November 28th

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On November 28th, in Bucharest, one can test for free the first mobile to outdoor (DOOH) advertising solution created by The Pole Society, wherever you are in the world. It takes from 30 seconds to a few minutes, at a push of a button, to create a poster and stream it directly from your mobile to a digital outdoor screen. If you want to promote your event, your product, or just make your voice heard to the whole city, this unique feature is at the tip of your fingers. And it’s going to be major.

Covering over 40 digital outdoor in Bucharest, a city of 2 million people, The Pole will be available in other major destinations such as New York and Dubay starting early 2014.

Launched in partnership with mobilPay MasterCard Mobile, the first mobile payment application in Romania, developed by the  local leading provider of mobile payment solutions Netopia mobilPay, and Phoenix Media, a  dynamic outdoor digital company, with over 10 years experience in the advertising industry in Romania, The Pole’s new unique solution comes to change the way you have ever approached advertising. It is now the fastest, easiest and most affordable solution to share promotional content on digital outdoor screens and engage consumers on the go. Everybody can create the poster from their mobile device (currently iOs, Android coming soon) to promote an event, from a local pub to yourself having a birthday party, and upload it in real time to a digital outdoor screen in the center of your city.  Plus, it is extremely flexible as you can choose to have your campaign live even for a few hours. By the time you’ve paid from your mobile, the ad is already on a digital screen, in time to surprise your friend with the pop up event.

On November 28th, the start up decided to launch this feature by offering the whole world 24 hours of free mobile to outdoor advertising. Anyone that installs the Pole app and uses the new feature can make their posters visible through over 40 digital outdoors in Bucharest, Romania.

This is the first solution that connects your mobile to digital out of home in real time. It’s easy, tailored to your specific needs, extremely flexible and affordable. It captures the interactivity that mobile devices offer us in the real world. We are excited by its potential and looking forward for people to try it out and send us their feedback. Our goal is to connect cities all over the world through the Pole, so the next place where you will see your poster on an outdoor screen can be your city too.

Bogdan Savonea,

Co-Founder The Pole

The Pole’s world premiere feature is launched in partnership with mobilPay MasterCard Mobile and Phoenix Media.

The Pole is a going out application where you can browse to find posters near you, launched in the summer of 2013. The Pole offers a unique visual experience, all centered around amazing things happening right next to you so you can make each going out a good memory, wherever you are.

mobilPay MasterCard Mobile, developed by the local leading provider of mobile payment solutions Netopia mobilPay, is the first mobile payment application in Romania through which MasterCard cardholders can pay with their mobile phones for products or services provided by partner stores or service providers. MasterCard® cardholders can use the app to pay utility bills and to recharge prepaid cards, as well as to purchase products, services and exclusive offers. The app is available for free for smartphones through AppStore and Play Store.

Phoenix Media is an outdoor digital company  with over 10 years experience in the advertising industry in Romania and who owns an extensive network of billboards, TV’s and LCD Screen Outdoor sites. In 2005, Phoenix Media was the first company to introduce Digital Outdoor in Romania, in 2010 the first personalized time schedule and has continued to pioneer ever since maintaining its position as leader of the digital outdoor local market.


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