Romanian Rom chocolate to launch a new campaign for National Romanian Day


Romania chocolate bar Rom prepares, together with McCann Bucharest and MRM Romania, the campaign “Great Digital Union”, a campaign that aims to unite, for Romania’s National Day (December 1st), all Romanians, person with person and website with website.

Using the internet on the National Day, Rom shows that there are no borders online and calls all Romanians to be part of the Great Digital Union, with all owners of websites and blogs from  Moldavia being invited to unite with Romania on the same virtual territory, by changing their domain from .md to .ro.

December 1st is the national day of Romanians, no matter where they live, and, with the new campaign (…), Rom aims this time also to create a Romania without borders, in a virtual space, accessible to anyone. Rom demands a symbolic union made by Romanians, in 2013 the same as in 1918. This way, we create a bridge between history and present and give a human value, contemporary to a historic gesture

Gabriela Munteanu,

Marketing Manager Kandia Dulce.

Rom tried, with its campaigns, to recover the real significance of Romania’s National Day from the assault of beans and sausages and pretended patriotic discourses. And, because the history irony makes that, on December 1st, Romanians are celebrating Great Union from 2 different countries, so we thought the only possible repair is to recreate it in the virtual space. Online, there are no borders and Romanians are expressing themselves the same way, no matter they are in Romania or Moldavia

Adrian Botan,

Creative Partner McCann Bucuresti.