Natalia Oreiro sends a brand message, in a campaign signed by Urban Argentina

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Urban Grupo de Communicacion created an innovative brand format for Sedal (Unilever), with the brand communicating for the first time its essence through a music video. Urban was inspired by Natalia Oreiro to create an artistic campaign for Sedal, which has been a client of the group for over 15 years. In it, the Uruguayan actress, singer, model, and designer introduced her new music video, a cover of the Gloria Trevi song “Everyone is Looking at Me.”(#Todosmemiran) .

Natalia Oreiro

This is a unique project for Sedal, a new format that explores an area that is totally unheard-of for a haircare brand: music. We created a music video that’s innovative in terms of both its aesthetics and concept of beauty, in which hair in motion is the main character. We managed to express the spirit of the brand through this artistic undertaking and for us is the perfect combination

Silvia Maggiani,

Campaign’s creator and Founder Urban Grupo de Comunicación.

Backstage #everyoneislookingatme 2

Natalia Oreiro is an icon that represents the spirit of Sedal. Outgoing, fresh, multi-talented, and chameleonic woman which writes the script for her own life. It´s a hair icon and a reference not only for the brand but also for all women. Natalia represents perfectly the “Sedal Girl”.

Backstage #everyoneislookingatme

I feel really identify with the essence of Sedal as a brand. For me, you can’t go wrong with hair as your means of expression: it helps us to feel secure and self-confident with our style and our overall look.That’s why it’s really important to me to inspire women to dare to play with their hair and feel confident getting out there and enjoying life, expressing themselves to the top

Natalia Oreiro

The video was based on an original idea by Urban Grupo de Comunicación, which also produced it, and was directed by Claudio Divella, a well-known local photographer and director specializing in fashion and music.

At Sedal we believe music to be a driving force, a symbol of energy that encourages women to dance, sing, and express themselves to the limit, looking their best so that everyone will look at them! (…) We chose this song in collaboration with Natalia Oreiro. It’s about a self-confident woman whose hair attracts the admiration of others, a woman with a strong personality who expressed herself by setting trends and capturing everyone’s gaze

Ramiro Amengual,

Brand Manager Sedal Argentina

Sedal is a leading haircare brand that is constantly looking for new challenges, innovating through its creative proposals. Today it seeks a more emotional connection with women… energizing them through their hair.The brand is joyful, fun, optimistic, and freshClose, accessible, young and adventurous: it aims to always be on-trend. 

Backstage #everyoneislookingatme 3

Urban Grupo de Comunicación has more than 17 years’ experience in the industry. From its very beginnings, the company encouraged the use of marketing tools in PR activities, brand PR, and other areas such as digital media and market research in order to discover insights and trends that can be exploited through PR activities. Brand activations, content production, and relationship marketing are some of the practices the agency has undertaken since its creation.


Client: Sedal, Unilever Argentina

Campaign Title: Everyone is Looking At Me (#Todosmemiran)
Agency: Urban Grupo de Comunicación
Creative Director: Colo Maggiani
Directora General de Cuentas: Kiki Faure
Account Director: Maru Damato

Producer: Andy Mentasti
Production Company: Huinca Cine

Director: Claudio Divella
Producer: Pablo Retamero

Music: Piano Rhodes: Florencia Lliteras / Electric Guitar: Pilar Arrese / Acoustic Guitar and Bass: Pablo Retamero / Drums: Ines Laurencena

Label: SONY Argentina
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Javier Kolliker, Hair Marketing Director / Ramiro Amengual, Brand Manager de Sedal Argentina.