Lowe&Partners, GolinHarris and Initiative signed a “problem solving ” campaign for tocmai.ro


Lowe&Partners, GolinHarris and Initiative signed a “problem solving ” campaign for tocmai.ro, bringing Varu’ (The Cousin) in the scene, an all-problems solver that finds everything one needs at the right moment. The character was created by Lowe&Partners especially for tocmai.ro, one of the most visited Romanian classifieds websites, with “Văru’ solves you” being the first integrated campaign for tocmai.ro brand.

“People call me Văru’. I take over from here”, this is how tocmai.ro enters the stafe. The campaign is present at national level, with radio and TV ads, OOH, subway advertising, online, PR and, as a novelty, a Real Time Marketing activation.

The creative challenge was to develop a communication platform meant to consolidate the leadership position of  tocmai.ro. We decided to make a persona and that how from “I solve, therefore I exist” formula gave birth to Varu’. A character inspired by Tarantino’s universe to which we added some local inspired contrast notes. The name – Varu’ – was assumed in contrast with character’s appearance, discretely hinting to what the collective conscience perceives as a solve-all type. Well, tocmai.ro is the exact opposite – a safe solution, a real specialist. When it comes of validating the success of a character that is a brand signature, I think there’s no more credible proof but his adoption by the public. And what happens now with Varu’ is the supreme recognition

Manuela Gogu,

Creative Director Lowe&Parters.

The PR component, developed by GolinHarris for tocmai.ro, is a mini-campaign itself. The key element of the PR strategy is the Real Time Marketing . Văru’ helped Romanian TV celebrity Liviu Varciu, that was undergoing a difficult situation and had to move his parents from the apartment they lived in very fast. The story started with a message posted by Liviu Varciu on his official Facebook page, that generated waves in Romanian press; Varciu was also invited in a TV show to tell his story. This was the moment when Văru’ intervened, promising Liviu a solution in 48 hours and making that true. The entire experience was filmed and posted on YouTube, while Liviu kept his fans informed of how things were going on his Facebook page.

Initiative signed the media strategy for the campaign, developing and optimizing an efficient media mix including TV on main Romanian channels, radio campaign on top 3 national networks, national outdoor, transit in Bucharest and other Romanian towns and subway advertising. Initiative also supported the Real Time Marketing component with special project at Teo Show, Radio ZU and top Romanian tabloids Click and Libertatea.

The teams involved in the campaign

  • Lowe&Partners: Victor Oprișan ( Art Director), Andrei Munteanu (Copywriter) ; Elena Dospinescu (e-thinker); Nicoleta Grigoriu (DTP); Ana Smultea – Account Director; Raluca Sultan (Senior Strategic Planner), Ilinca Nanoveanu (A/V Producer); Manuela Gogu: Creative Director; Aura Toma: Managing Director;
  • Rollin – Production House, with Radu Muntean – director and Tudor Lucaciu – DOP
  • GolinHarris: Simina Zidaru (Creative Associate), Roxana Diba, (Manager, Consumer Division), Alina Chelu (Senior Manager, Consumer Division)
  • Initiative: Andreea Dinescu ( Client Service Director),  Ruxandra Stefan (Strategy and Planning Director), Ruxandra Stan (TV Buying Director) , Alexandru Miu (Senior OOH Manager),  Marcela Tuila (Senior Media Buyer) , Catalina Ghita (Media Buyer)