GMP Group – 1st Romanian communication group to implement Ad-In-One ERP solution

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GMP Group, Romanian communication group, implemented for the 1st time in Romania Ad-In-One, software solution for integrated management of small and medium advertising, digital and PR agencies. The solution allows replacing the classical work methods and will increase the workflow within each of group’s agencies (GMP Advertising, GMP PR, Webstyler, Chapter 4, GO Studio and Luna9).

The communication industry works with budgets well tailored by the clients, at a very high level of demand and expectations, reason why an as good as possible planning of the resources is vital for a healthy business. We realized we needed a tool to help us measure correctly the efficiency for each project. Ad-In-One considers the particularities of the activities in agencies and, this way, it helps us a lot also in the relation with the clients. We can report easier and more exact the load for the teams a client works with so they can plan easier the communication projects. This way, we want to increase the quality of the services we offer to the clients in a situation when the communication budgets are limited

Felix Tataru,

President GMP Group

For months, we researched in detail over 15 management software solutions for communication agencies existent in Romania and in other EU countries. We analyzed commercial offers and tech documentation, we participated to presentations, we saw demo versions. In the end, we chose Ad-In-One because it is the most performant software for GMP’s actual and future needs and has the best quality-price report

Florian Filat,

Project manager Ad-In-One at GMP 

The implementation of the software requires buying licences, installing new software and integration with the accountability sistem, it is customizable, fast to implement and immediately available.

We are very happy to start the cooperation with GMP Group. We think that Romanian advertising market is very attractive, growing and, from many points of view, similar to other markets on which we are active in Central and Eastern Europe. Our objective is to offer complete systems to Romanian agencies that will allow them to become more efficient and to focus on the creative side of their business

Libor Cerny,

Managing Director Ad-In-One.