The Best of Eurobest – appreciation at European level for creative Romania

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The 1st event of Romanian creative industry in 2014 starts Thursday, on January 16.00, with applause at open stage for the agencies and teams winning Silver, Gold and Grand Prix at Eurobest.

The creative directors from GMP, McCann and BBDO will share, together with their clients, the stories behind the awarded campaigns.

Oana Bulexa, Romanian juror in Eurobest’s PR jury, the section where GMP won the only Grand Prix for Romania in 2013, will offer details from judging process’ backstage, sharing with the audience the way the campaign signed by Mihai Gongu made its way to the podium. She will also share information on European PR’s state, which are the challenges and expectations.

The taste of the most interesting seminaries will be revitalizes during the meeting with 3 of The Alternative School’s graduates that were present, in December, at Lisbon, where Eurobest took place.  Roxana Firoiu, Ilinca Munteanu and Anca Ifrim will present each a personal top 3 that will show the essence of the festival.

It is a good sign: We just ended the holiday season, but we still have so many things to celebrate. What bigger satisfaction can Romanian creativity industry have when watching over 2014’s shoulder than a multitude of prizes fully deserved, won in a competition considered by the most exigent people as being more intense than Cannes

Teo Migdalovici,

Lions Festivals representative in Romania.

The event will take place at The Practice’s headquarters.

The images below will offer an idea on how Eurobest was in 2013: