E-commerce: German Rebate Network to join forces with Neogen in Eastern Europe


Kolektiva group, that includes the e-commerce platforms owned by German group Rebate Networks, will merge with Zumzi, online commerce websites part of Neogen SA, one of online leaders in Eastern Europe region. The merger will generate the appearance of a top company on the CEE e-commerce market and will consolidate the profile market.

Kolektiva owns local e-commerce platforms in Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. In 2013, the group generated, in total, revenues of Euro 20M. At its turn, Zumzi is present in Romania, Moldavia, Serbia and Bulgaria and had, last year, revenues of Euro 6M.

Calin Fusu, CEO Neogen, will head the company resulted following the merger, while Rebate Networks will continue to be an important shareholder.

Both groups represent, especially from geographical point of view, the perfect complements. Following the merger, we will create a strong e-commerce platform that will continue to develop in Eastern Europe. The market still has an enormous growth potential that we want to highlight with the help of an important regional player

Calin Fusu,

CEO Neogen.

This merger in Eastern Europe marks another important point in the growth strategy on emerging markets for our e-commerce platform. For more than 3 years, Rebate Networks built web platforms in developing countries in Asia and Eastern Europe, and, by doing so, it left a strong mark over the online commerce in those countries

Michael Brehm,

Managing Director Rebate Networks.

I am very happy we identifies in Zumzi and Neogen a successful partner for the companies in Eastern Europe

Heissam Hartman,

Vice-President CEE Rebate Networks.

German investor Rebate Networks was founded in 2010 by Michael Brehm and has as a strategic direction the development of local e-commerce platform by expanding on emerging markets. After a series of successful transactions, Rebate is active in 15 countries. In Asia and Eastern Europe, more market leaders are part of investor’s portfolio.

Founded in 2000, Neogen has in portfolio recruiting wesites and e-commerce platforms present that cover Central and Eastern Europe.