Pontus Euxinus Ventures and Alexandre Almajeanu invest in Brandient’s development

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Pontus Euxinus Venture investment fund, controlled by French businessman Alexandre Almajeanu, became shareholder in Brandient, with a package of 11% of shares. During same transaction, Tatiana Malacopol sold her social shares in Brandient, that she acquired in 2004.

Alexandre Almajeanu co-founded, in France, the online business VoyagerMoinsCher.com, sold in 2007 to PriceMinister, and, starting 2006, he invests in Romania mainly in online and creative sectors.

I had the pleasure to meet Brandient since I came back in Romania in 2006 and, after so many years as friend and client, now I invest with full trust in developing the company. After all, it wasn’t a difficult decision, considering the impeccable results, the solid financial standing and, more than all, the reputation and value Brandient brings to every project

Alexandre Almajeanu.

First of all, we want to thank Tania and Dinu Malacopol, that were close to us as business angels since 2004. We tried every year to insure a good ROI and, even after this exit, the friendship with them remains priceless. Today we are very happy to announce the partnership with Alexandre, who’s investment in Brandient encourages us to continue our expansion and the developement of brand innovation projects and international projects we are working on

Aneta Bogdan,

Managing Partner Brandient.

The founding partners of the agency, Aneta Bogdan, Cristian “Kit” Paul and Mihai Bogdan continue to control and own 78% of Brandient.

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