Mercury360 uses socializing habits to raise awareness on traffic accidents

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Romanian Mercury360 recently launched a new campaign for Romanian Police in which uses today’s socializing habits to raise awareness on traffic accidents.

“Drivers use their mobile phones while driving, as a general rule of the nowadays traffic. Texting messages, browsing social networks or verifying emails are no strange habits among Romanian drivers. The series depicts undesired results emerging from these bad habits. Using common internet logos such as Facebook and Mail, the scenes emphasize the reasons that led to the traffic accidents depicted. The internet symbols come into view by intersecting architectural and road elements, in the proximal area of the traffic accident”, the representatives of the agency say





The credits for the campaign are:


Advertised brand: Bucharest Traffic Police

Campaign title: Socializing

Ads titles: Facebook, Mail



Advertising Agency: Mercury360, Bucharest, Romania

Agency website:

Creative Director: Liviu Turcanu

Art Director: Mihai Tigleanu; Adrian Ghita

Copywriter: Toni Bunaiasu

Photography: Alexandru Dan

Additional credits: Oana Sandru


Published: December 2013