5 years on Romanian market for digital agency Interactions

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Romanian digital agency Interactions celebrates 5 years since it started its activity on Romanian digital communication market, after Adrian Alexandrescu decided to start his own agency and quit the agency he previously worked for (Ogilvy).

After five years, the agency’s team grew, reaching to 13 people from the initial 2. Interactions means professionals with significant experience in online communication, a portfolio including some renown and appreciated brands, over 20 creative awards for 11 different brands. Forbes Romania placed Interactions among the top 10 Romanian interactive agencies.


Almost half of our business means big projects of dialog with consumers, contracted on long term. We are lucky to have in portfolio such programs of strategical importance. We aim to consolidate this positioning in the next period. It is of big importance, in a context when most actions are rather punctual

Adrian Alexandrescu,

Managing Partner Interactions.

To mark the milestone, Interactions added to its own website an anniversary section where it recapitulates the years passed since entering the market and mentions all those that were close to the agency during its first 5 years: client brand, contact people from clients, providers, partners, journalists and actual and former employees.