On Valentine’s, BMF helped single people to not give a “flap”

Events, Guerilla

BMF (Fine Manners Brigade), namely the bunch of guys working in Publicis Bucharest, decided to do something for single people on Valentine’s day so they won’t give a “flap” about that.

The idea came from the Flappy Bird craziness during previous weeks, that made phones on eBay to reach sky-high in prices (even $90,000) after the creator of the game decided to pull it out from app store.

BMF guys noticed that it is possible to install the game on someone else’s phone: connect to App Store with the ID of a person that already had the game bought and download it from cloud.

With this found out, BMF guys decided to help single people to not be so alone on Valentine’s and to install Flappy Bird on their phones, so they will at least have fun. Basically, help them to not give a “flap” about romance, but about the game.