Bortun Olteanu and People Public Relationship Agency transform into Daescu Bortun Olteanu

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Bortun Olteanu and People Public Relationship Agency, part of Millenium People group, united their forces into a new agency, Daescu Bortun Olteanu.

We wanted to create an even stronger agency by bringing together the many talents and seniors that we had and showed separately. We are talking about this merger for quite some time and 2014 is the year during which we achieved the needed maturity to make such a big step (…) Moreover, this project managed to convince some of the most important communication specialists to join us. I am very proud by every men that signs himself and that is today part of this team, who’s input is present in results for which our clients are applauding us

Tudor Daescu,

General Manager Daescu Bortun Olteanu.

(l to r) Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, Andrei Bortun, Tudor Daescu Source: Daescu, Bortun, Olteanu
(left to right) Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, Andrei Bortun, Tudor Daescu Source: Daescu, Bortun, Olteanu

The reunited portfolio of the agency that appeared following the merger includes clients like Gillette, Duracell, adidas, Siveco, Media Galaxy, Wellborn, Baneasa Developments, Razvan Valceanu, Philips, AOC, Subway, E-Boda, Cafeneaua Veche, King, Logitech, Glenfiddich, The Pole, Rombat. Adding to those are The Institute’s projects (Romanian Design Week, Internetics) and Civil Society Gala.

During the last fiscal year, the 2 agencies had a combined turnover of over RON 6M (around Euro 1.34M).

I got into “business” in the 2nd year of university, in 1998. My businesses consisted, in fact, in drawing projects together with special people. This is also the case of the agency. I am working with Tudor Daescu since 1999 and with Bogdan Olteanu since 2005. We know each other very well and we’re getting old together already. The agency is an organization build first of all around our friendship and of the compatibility in the way we are seeing communication

Andrei Bortun

I feel at home in this structure because it is a very mobile one. Besides the communication services, we want to develop our own project – no matter we are talking about publishing or events. Projects that would profit our teams and our clients. And, beyong the plans, we have the needed experience. The people in our actual team represent the foundation on which we built 3 solid publishing products: The Institute Magazine, Cockgaine and SUB25

Bogdan Theodor Olteanu


Although it just appeared on the market as a result of a merger, Daescu Bortun Olteanu is already nominated for Sabre Awards, wth a campaign for Civil Society Gala and the launch of the app The Pole Society.